Be A Part Of The Future Of Gaming

Join the dark side with Gaddix, or be for the good and fight against him.


In the BetrayedOnes, you become a playable NFT character and join others on an epic adventure as forces unite to defeat the evil Gaddix and his army. Experience the power of love, hate, and loyalty as you navigate epic worlds full of violence, intrigue and surprises. Will you bow down to Gaddix, or fight for the freedom of Galacticon? Our fate rests in YOUR hands!

The Next Level Of GameFi -
Enter The Galacticon Planet

Let us introduce
our vision

We want to create a whole game ecosystem. The BetrayedOnes allows you to build your hero, earn coins, and sell items while interacting with other players.

NFT holders can expect the following exclusive perks:

  • Free access to the game using their own NFT character
  • FREE claim of future BetrayedOnes Coins
  • Voting rights about some features within the game

The Story



The Galacticon planet has been thrown into turmoil as the self-proclaimed King Gaddix seeks to conquer all its people. While many have accepted defeat and bowed to Gaddix, and many more have fallen due to his tyranny, a few brave warriors in the cities of Askirya and Xe remain in rebellion.

The leaders of these two cities, the lovers Zec and Xexi, fought valiantly against Gaddix and his army. When Zec perishes, Xexi loses all hope and surrenders to Gaddix. However, as time passed, Xexi realized that she could not accept their defeat. She gathers an army of rebels and goes on the run, gathering her strength and her army as the planet Galacticon prepares for the biggest war the galaxy has ever seen.

Join Xexi and her army on a quest for justice and revenge. Filled with intriguing characters, epic battles and incredible worlds to explore, you too can become a rebel warrior and stand up to the forces of darkness that have held Galacticon in its grip for far too long.

Roadmap Roadmap

"The Chosen Ones" List

Q1 2023

During the first phase, we begin building our community of NFT gamers. Early participants will get a chance to get their hands on free NTFs and participate in early community events.

NFT Mint

Q2 2023

We aim to open our pre-sale to selected members in the first half of the year. Community members on our whitelist can get the NFTs strongly discounted as a means of thanking our early supporters. A few days after the presale, the minting will be made public.

Community Ideas

Q2-Q3 2023

During this phase, our whole community has the chance to plan together and design our game. We’re working together to create a game (and investment opportunity) to meet all of our needs

Development in-game coin 

Q4 2023

After a successful start, we will develop our own coin. The coin will serve as our in-game currency which can be used, traded, or exchanged for fiat currency. We don’t want to develop a coin that just gathers digital dust - we’ll make it as useful and usable as possible.

Release Closed Beta

Q2 2024

During this crucial stage, our most loyal community members can try the game and help us make improvements.

Release Game 

Q4 2024

Our plan is to release our game at the end of 2024! But don't worry, we’ll keep everyone engaged by releasing plenty of content and activities so no one gets bored! 

Meet Our Team


Creator of the Project
Working for years as a CG artist. The mastermind of the project. He will bring Galacticon to life. He somehow hates the world we live in. That's why he is so good at creating new ones.


Technical Lead
Panda has worked several years in the cyber security field. Now he will use his cyber kung-fu skills for Galacticon and will handle all technical requirements.


Character & Concept Artist
Before our 3D artists bring the characters to life, Acel creates them in her head. Her creativity is well beyond this world. And she has a good hand drawing as well.

Mr. AR

Senior 3D Artist
Mr. AR is our character artist with multiple years of experience in his field. Worked in a variety of projects before, creating both stylized and realistic characters for games. He could even 3D a whale

Shadow Fairy

Graphic Designer
Get ready for our design fairy! With 15 years of experience in the design world, she is a master of her craft... For some it might even look like witch craft


Community Manager
The meaning of her name is literally "water fairy". But this has nothing to do with her role. She is the lead of the mods and is coordinating the group like ants and will take care of our communtiy. She is funny.


The World of Galacticon

Let’s dive into the world of Galacticon. A world of intrigue, lies, hatred and oppression. But also one of love, cohesion, hope and struggle.

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Meet your future character and read about their stories! Each of them will have a their own background and their own superpowers. Tier 1 Gaddix SUMMARY: Gaddix is the leader of the kingdom Galaton and the self-proclaimed king of the Galacticon planet. He is an arrogant, ruthless, selfish, treacherous leader. SUPERPOWER: Throwing ligthnings Zec SUMMARY: […]

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What is this about?

Introducing you the BetrayedOnes – A Revolutionary GameFi Experience Welcome to The BetrayedOnes, the groundbreaking project that will take the world of gaming and NFTs to the next level. Our mission is to create an unparalleled action-adventure RPG on PC, embracing cutting-edge technology and web3 to revolutionize the world of GameFi. As we embark on […]

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