The World of Galacticon

Let’s dive into the world of Galacticon. A world of intrigue, lies, hatred and oppression. But also one of love, cohesion, hope and struggle.

Like everywhere else in the universe, the struggle for power has gripped the Galacticon planet. Where once everyone lived peacefully together, now there is betrayal and greed. Only one man could destroy this balance. Or… was it all already in the blood of the Galacticon race, waiting to be awakened? Well, we can’t say.

Part I

Gaddix, the self-proclaimed king of the Galacticon planet, has built a huge army. And all the other kingdoms were under attack. Some fought back and lost everything and some bowed down and accepted him as the king.

The larger cities, however, are not easy to defeat. Especially the cities Askirya and Xe. Both have proud and strong citizens, much like their leaders. Among them was Xexi, the daughter of the former king of Xe. She is the princess of the kingdom and soon she will be crowned. However, she is not the typical princess one imagines. Xexi was never really interested in becoming the queen. She has always had a rebellious streak.

Zec is the leader of the city of Askirya. However, he is not a prince or a king. Things are a little different in Askirya. The inhabitants of this town are great warriors, proud and also stubborn. Zec was chosen as the leader because he is the greatest warrior. He and the princess of Xe, are actually lovers. Both are endlessly in love with each other. Their strong emotional bond (and their kingdoms) were one of the biggest obstacles for Gaddix to reign over the whole planet.

The Great War

Slowly some rebellions formed against Gaddix and his army. Thus began the spiral of violence. Everyone is preparing for the great war between the “free” kingdoms and Gaddix, which is inevitable.

The preparations for the Great War lasted for months and the tension was palpable. While the free kingdoms prepared for the great war against Gaddix and his army, the tension on the planet Galacticon grew immeasurably. Everyone lived in constant fear and uncertainty. Many were willing to give their lives for freedom, while others retreated in fear of Gaddix and his army. Alliances were were formed. An arms race. It became increasingly clear that this war would change everything. This battle will decide the fate of the planet and its people. But who will emerge victorious?

The days passed and the tension continued to rise. Finally, the great war broke out and the army of Gaddix marched towards the free kingdoms. The battle was fierce and bitter, and many brave men and women lost their lives. So much blood was spilled that pools of blood formed, the soil turned into a deep red. The planet has definitely never seen so much suffering at once.

During the big battle Xexi heard that Zec died. With that broken heart she lost all her strength and hope. With the dead of Zec, the once brave and rebelious princess died as well (metaphorical). The woman who had the power to move the entire planet fell to her knees and bowed to Gaddix. But this was just the beginning of the story, not the end…

The Aftermath

The more the time passed the more Xexi couldn’t accept her defeat. She was always a warrior for justice. She has lost many loved ones. The emptiness in her heart was filled with hatred now. She is on the run and many warriors were banned from the kingdoms. The once loving and empathetic princess is now hateful. She is so thirsty for revenge that she committed to herself to take Gaddix’s life.

She was now like a nomad wandering through far lands, meeting many other warriors along the way who had also been banished or were simply looking for an adventure. Together they formed a group of incredible personalities. Their mission was dangerous and risky, but they stood up for what they believed was right with all their strength and passion.

With this extraordinary group of people and soldiers Xexi was ready for revenge. They all shared one thing together; betrayed and sick of the injustice of the world. They fought for those who had no voice and became symbols of hope and resistance against oppression and tyranny.


Thus a new chapter began, where Xexi and her rebels ushered in a new era of justice and freedom. On the way back to Galacticon…

To Be Continued…

Stay tuned to know how the story will end