Meet your future character and read about their stories! Each of them will have a their own background and their own superpowers.

Tier 1


SUMMARY: Gaddix is the leader of the kingdom Galaton and the self-proclaimed king of the Galacticon planet. He is an arrogant, ruthless, selfish, treacherous leader.

SUPERPOWER: Throwing ligthnings


SUMMARY: Zero is the leader of the kingdom Askirya and also one of the head of the rebellion against Gaddix. He is a strong, fearless and determined leader, who is respected by pretty much everyone.

SUPERPOWER: Can see the world through a birds eye


SUMMARY: Xexi is the princess of the kingdom Xe. Soon she is going to be the queen, even though she doesn’t really want. She had a brave, rebelious, strong personality and the fighting skills of a warrior. Xexi is not the typical princess, but still very admired and respected amongst her folk. She is a role model for many.

SUPERPOWER: Can communicate with animals


SUMMARY: There are many rumors about him, but no one knows the truth. The only thing which is for sure, is that he can fight with an immense power.  He is not the kindest, but also not the worst you could meet. There must be something hidden behind this wall of coldness.

SUPERPOWER: Power of ice, can freeze anything he wants.

Tier 2


SUMMARY: Dusty is very good with any kind of technology. He has always been the “lonely wolf”. But it doesn’t mean he is a lonely person. In contrary, Dusty is very extroverted and social. He is always in search for some good adventures, or better adrenaline. That’s why he is travelling through the universe.

SUPERPOWER: Can read seismic waves and thus able to see the underground


SUMMARY: As a kid she was always the most agile one, the fastest running and very fierce. For a very long time she didn’t even understand that she is able to bend the wind. Her family is the reigning power of the rednom folk. Neither she or her brother will become the future leader until they prove that they are worthy for this position. That’s why they both are like nomads, searching for challenges on their way to wisdom.

SUPERPOWER: Windbending


SUMMARY: He and his mother lived on an ice planet. Even though everyone was naturally accustomed to the coldness, Arc always hated it. He never felt comfortable and was treated differently, even bullied. He was seen as “weak” because he couldn’t live on his own planet. Until one day where he was so angry about his whole life and hated everything around him; there he started to feel a warmth. For the first time in his life. The ice around him literally started to melt. Steam was around and as he opened his hands, a small flame was lit up. On that day he noticed he doesn’t belong to that planet.

SUPERPOWER: Firebending


SUMMARY: She was an orphan an grew up very lonely. As a kid she once found a frog and it became her pet. People always made fun of her because that frog was her only friend. They basically grew up together. As the frog passed away, she tried everyhing possible and somehow managed to bring him back. Since then she dedicated her life to be the best dealer in the whole universe.

SUPERPOWER: The best healer in the universe


SUMMARY: Even as a toddler she always loved the water. Whenever she sees a lake, she has to jump in. Once she found herself inbetween very big forest fires. In that moment she felt the power of a nearby lake and could literally bend the water and distinguish the fire… Ophelia also has one of the kindest personalities. She is very tender and always believes in the good of people. But at the same time she also has a very temperful side. So be careful…

SUPERPOWER: Waterbending


SUMMARY: Prince of Vera. His father was an evil warrior. Gruff didn’t want to be the son of such a person and definitely didn’t want to reign over their folk. Because of his father he knew all the dark energy sources. Such as creating a portal to deamons and getting control over dead bodies. But he never used this power for the bad. He swore himself that he wont take the same path as his father.

SUPERPOWER: Moving dead bodies to create an army of dead soldiers


SUMMARY: Daya has always been a strange kid. It seemed like she lived in her own world. She would always play alone and sometimes it looked like she is talking with objects or dead animals. To a point where people thought she might be mentally ill. But they never understood that she can see memories from objects or could talk with a dead persons soul to know how they died.

SUPERPOWER: Can communicate with the dead and get memories out of objects


SUMMARY: Tox is a genius. She knows all types of formulas and elixirs. Her personality is rather introverted, very smart and understanding. Even though Tox shows a lot of empathy, she is realistic and doesn’t trust people a lot. There is not a single decision which she makes without thinking for a long time.

SUPERPOWER: Master alchemist and magic powers

Tier 3


SUMMARY: He comes from faraway lands. His people are an ancient mystical civilization. It is said that they were the first firebenders. Where the power comes from and how they were able to bundle it, is still not known. Aku has a very valuable knowledge, which could cause a lot of damage in the wrong hands.

SUPERPOWER: Firebender


SUMMARY: Gunnar is a highly skilled blacksmith, known for crafting powerful weapons that are sought after across the lands. He is physically strong and prefers to wield two axes in battle, showcasing his might. Despite his talents, Gunnar is a man of simple and conservative thinking, sticking to his core values and beliefs.

SUPERPOWER: Can imbue his crafted weapons with elemental powers


Summary: Emma, could be refered as the princess or goddess of the moon. She is as beautiful as she is justly. She wields a majestic staff, with a design inspired by lunar elements, with grace and power. As the guardian of the night sky, Emma is admired for her unwavering commitment to justice and her fierce protection of her lunar domain.

SUPERPOWER: Can control and manipulate moonlight, as well as influence the tides and harness the power of the lunar cycle


SUMMARY: Lily is almost like a lone wolf. She prefers to live far away from civilization and has only close people around her. Living in the wildness she learned to be the best hunter ever. She killed more beasts and monsters then she can count. She can survive in the worst conditions and might even enjoy it a bit while doing so.

SUPERPOWER: With her focus she can see and analyze movements like in slowmotion


SUMMARY: Freya is has kind personality. But on the battlefield she turns into a powerful and tenacious warrior, feared and respected across the land. Wielding her axe in battle, leaving a trail of defeated foes in her wake. Freya has a strong connection to norse gods, allowing her to channel their power into her combat skills.

SUPERPOWER: Can call upon the spirits of legendary creatures to enhance her fighting prowess


SUMMARY: Walter is a dedicated and disciplined warrior, embodying the personality of the perfect soldier. Armed with a sword, he exhibits unwavering loyalty and commitment to his cause. His steadfast nature and mastery of combat make him a reliable and valuable ally on the battlefield. He is a natural diplomat as well, and possesses excellent negotiation and communication skills, making him an invaluable asset both on and off the battlefield.

SUPERPOWER: Heightened senses and reflexes for superior combat performance


SUMMARY: Guru is an enigmatic figure shrouded in mystery, giving off the vibe of an agent or spy. Not much is known about his past or origins, and he carries no visible weapons. However, he is rumored to possess the ability to control a mysterious dark energy, making him a formidable and intriguing presence in any situation.

SUPERPOWER: Can harness and manipulate dark energy


SUMMARY: Zee, a noble knight from a prestigious family, has gained his own territory to govern. As a just and caring ruler, he has earned the loyalty and admiration of his people. With a significant army size under his command, Zee is prepared to defend his land and ensure the safety and prosperity of his subjects.

SUPERPOWER: Exceptional leadership skills and the ability to inspire loyalty and courage in his troops


SUMMARY: Kate is an incredibly fast and agile fighter with a ninja-like aura that captivates and mystifies those who encounter her. Wielding a deadly scythe with unmatched skill, she is a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Fast and with a precision of a surgeon.

SUPERPOWER: Can manipulate shadows and get invisible to enhance stealth and execute powerful surprise attacks


SUMMARY: Lily is a young, talented fighter still discovering her own identity and potential. With her agility and precision, she has already proven herself as a formidable opponent in combat. Having run away from her family due to their mistreatment of her and their disdain for those less fortunate, Lily is determined to forge her own path and stand up for justice and equality.

SUPERPOWER: Heightened agility and precision, allowing her to predict and counter her opponents’ moves


SUMMARY: Hamil is an adventurer and archeologist. He travels to far lands and loves to research about every mystic topic. He is for sure the most interesting historian you will meet.

He bound the old ancient powers to his weapon. And can set people in trance with the those forces.

SUPERPOWER: Can use and channel the remained anicent powers of old objects


SUMMARY: The son of a noble family has chosen to be a knight. Trained by the best and greatest fighters, he was a royal guard of several great kingdoms. Welkang has chosen to live away from the court and go his own way, exploring the world like a nomad. He always helps when he sees a weak person.

SUPERPOWER: Superhuman-like strength and one of the best sword fighter